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Uncover How Your Employees Experience Their SaaS Applications in Real-Time


With employees depending on web applications every day, you can’t risk being blind to this critical aspect of digital experience. Although technology performance might appear “in the green” from IT’s perspective, how often are employees experiencing application outages or slowdowns you’re not aware of? Are they using that highly touted new app you rolled out – or avoiding it because of hidden usability problems? How many SaaS application licenses are going unused and wasting precious IT budget?

Introducing Nexthink Application Experience – extending application visibility with the industry’s leading DEX management platform

To address these challenges, we are excited to introduce Nexthink Application Experience, the newest addition to the Nexthink Experience platform. It provides unprecedented application visibility from the employee perspective – providing another great reason to upgrade from Nexthink V6 to Nexthink Experience, our cloud-based platform.

When application problems occur, they can be notoriously difficult to troubleshoot – especially for SaaS apps. Is the problem with the app itself, the network, the device, the browser, or something else?

Consider the case of an ERP upgrade. The change is rolled out to a pilot region, but within one day, IT sees a decline in overall employee sentiment. Exploring the data in Nexthink Experience, the EUC team determines the decline is only seen among employees in the pilot region. Drilling down in Application Experience shows that immediately following the ERP upgrade, those employees began experiencing degraded performance with the application. Nexthink further shows that a specific application transaction is the culprit. Filtering on the transaction reveals that only pilot users with older Chrome versions are impacted, while all others are fine. The team determines there is a minimum version of Chrome needed for the ERP upgrade. They then conduct an Engage campaign to inform all ERP users with older Chrome versions that they will need to update Chrome, with a message offering to automatically perform the Chrome upgrade now or remind them in the future.

Application Experience also provides comprehensive usage and adoption information. In the example below, we see a Salesforce adoption dashboard showing extensive usage information. Immediately, end-user computing and other IT teams can spot trends in who is using the application and the volume of usage, both in the aggregate and by specific application page and transaction. Application Experience also makes it easy to drill down into the data and view usage by operating system, browser version, location, and many other dimensions. This gives IT an early warning system if usage starts trending in the wrong direction and helps you pinpoint which employees might be having issues. These same insights are now at your fingertips for any web or SaaS application.

Know how your web applications are being used

Real-time, employee-centric web application visibility 

Problems with web applications frequently only affect some employees, making it necessary for IT to explore resources beyond the application itself to identify the cause. As seen in the SAP S/4 HANA – SD example below, Application Experience delivers a real-time view of the performance of every key web page. Views can be categorized by filters like client type, location, browser version, device configuration and more – allowing fine-grained focus on employees with a shared issue. 

Complete visibility into web application performance from the employee perspective

In this example, we see that something happened to double the response time of key pages on February 12. The issue appears to be network related and impact employees in only one location: Lausanne. Guided investigations (upper right) help rapidly focus troubleshooting on precise employee cohorts sharing performance, reliability or adoption problemsIn this case, a new VPN client had been deployed for those employees without sufficient testing, causing significant slowdowns. Only by correlating activity and events across application, device, network and other factors can root causes like this be quickly identified. Then automated remediations can resolve the problem using Nexthink Engage and Act. And although this example is a SaaS application, the same capabilities apply equally to custom web applications. 

 Real-time application transaction performance from the employee perspective 

Critical business applications often have individual workflow steps with significant business value. Consider the use of an ERP application such as SAP S/4 HANA for procurement, shipping, or order processing (shown above). If specific transactions are unavailable due to errors, or are performing poorly, this can directly impact employee productivity and the business’s bottom line. With Application Experience, you have the visibility to see exactly what’s happening, where, which employees are affected, and how long the problem has been occurring. 

Accelerate application adoption to increase ROI and reduce costs 

To obtain maximum value from your applications, you want employees to extensively use thosapplications’ features. Application Experience delivers lifecycle insights into how employees are using web and SaaS applications, including which features they are using and how those features are performing. For SaaS applications, this deep insight allows you to close the gap between what is actually used and what is licensed. For custom web applications, it enables you to improve the features’ usability while the application is being built or piloted, to prevent issues or poor uptake later on. And, in production, it can be used to ensure that critical features are actually being adopted and used as planned. 

Detailed, transaction-level usage visibility

In summary, we are thrilled to extend Nexthink Experience to continue delivering on our vision of improving the digital workplace and delighting employees. To learn more about the latest innovations in the Nexthink Experience platform, including Application Experience, please contact your account manager or Nexthink partner.