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Eliminating the Blame Game

Digital transformation is driving unprecedented growth in the number of critical web-based business applications. Whether custom or commercial SaaS, the growth – coupled with constant changes in the applications themselves – creates an ever more challenging environment for IT to manage and ensure employee productivity. With limited to no visibility to employee experience using SaaS (and most custom web) applications, IT is in the dark to employee adoption, usage, and sentiment while using these applications. And, when employees have application reliability and performance issues, it directly impacts their productivity and sentiment, slowing the adoption of these business-critical applications.

Discover how a global manufacturer used Nexthink and Application Experience to eliminate the blame game and proactively prevent employee issues using web business applications to:

  • Speed their digital transformation
  • Improve employee experience
  • Increase productivity and save money

Explore Nexthink Application Experience to speed and optimize your IT web application troubleshooting and eliminate the blame game.