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Create Cost-Effective Hardware Refresh Cycles

A Case Study: FHI 360 saves $400k with intelligent hardware refresh

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A Case Study: FHI 360 saves $400k with intelligent hardware refresh

IT typically creates hardware refresh plans based on recommendations and warranties to replace devices every 3–5-years, but customers continue to face long lead times on new PCs due to the global chip shortage, causing existing plans to fail.

The inability to replace devices at the end of their planned lifespan increases the risk of negatively impacting employee productivity and the overall digital experience in the workplace. This is forcing IT to rethink plans, however, they lack the required insight to properly identify and extend device lifecycles to weather the storm.

The IT team at FHI360 had to find a way to extend the lifecycle for most employee devices without jeopardizing their digital experience and efficiency.

Join this case study discussion to learn how FHI360 saved almost $400K in hardware costs by implementing intelligent hardware refresh cycles.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement a DEX-first strategy for a more intelligent approach
  • Establish a new standard device configuration to future-proof plans
  • Extend device lifecycles for a fraction of the cost of new PCs