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Best Practices: Embrace Experience-Level Agreements (XLAs)
Analyst Report

Best Practices: Embrace Experience-Level Agreements (XLAs)

When it comes to benchmarking technology performance, IT has always relied primarily on service-level agreements (SLAs). At most organizations, this process has remained largely unchanged over the years – and meanwhile, employee experience (EX) has changed dramatically.

Today, SLAs just cover the tip of the iceberg of what IT teams need to effectively measure and improve technology experience. That’s why businesses who want to drive better experience and improve employee satisfaction have turned to a new method: Experience-Level Agreements (XLAs).

In a new report, the experts at Forrester break down the key benefits of evolving from SLAs to XLAs, and provide a number of best practices for successful XLA implementation, including:

  • Determining which XLA metrics matter most.
  • How to leverage XLAs in the context of improving employees’ daily journeys.
  • Investing in the right experience management tools to support your XLA strategy.

Read the full report for everything you need to know about why and how XLAs will transform your ability to measure and improve employee experience.