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Nexthink Employee Engagement

Fonctionnalités de self-help et de communication ciblées

Negative feelings, declining productivity, disengagement from the business…these are the consequences of the fragmented communications, sudden disruptions and frustrating digital experiences that many decentralized teams suffer from today. Without being able to prevent these difficulties, IT teams must resort to waiting for support tickets or emails informing them of the problems to be solved. This approach forces the IT department to adopt a reactive posture.

With Nexthink Infinity’s Employee Engagement module two-way communications, you send targeted notifications that grab employees’ attention. No more follow-up emails they don’t read: you can now get straight to the point. Surveys, important communications, automated assistance… bet on campaigns that optimize both the experience and the productivity of employees.

Find out how Nexthink Infinity can help your IT team boost employee engagement through targeted communications.