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3 Big Reasons to Upgrade to Nexthink Experience

August 23, 2021

As a Nexthink V6 Customer, you’re already realizing the power and value of a proactive, Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management solution: more productive employees, reduction in employee issues, and a smoother, more accelerated time-to-resolution for employee-reported IT issues. 

But wait, there’s more – far more 

The Nexthink V6 platform delivers a valuable and powerful DEX Management capability to End User Computing professionals and teams indeed, but it does have some limitations that may be creating challenges to your organization and staff. 

Challenge 1: Has hosting hindered your responsiveness to business change? 

As a customer-hosted, on-premises solution, Nexthink V6 requires dedicated computing infrastructure (hardware, software) and associated maintenance. These bear financial costs, as well as investments in staff time to manage the environment and keep it current. This is time and money that could be more strategically applied to critical EUC initiatives, such as support for digitalization efforts, green IT initiatives, and the importance of “earning EUC a seat at the senior management table” by making EUC more proactive and business aligned, instead of a reactive component of the IT Service Desk and problem resolution process. 

Oh, and let’s not forget how much faster, simpler, and more cost-effective it can be to roll out new applications in support of dynamically changing and accelerating business initiatives. 

Speaking of which… 

Challenge 2: Has YOUR company had an invasion of web applications? 

Especially in the last 18-24 months, there has been a global explosion in company adoption and employee use of web-based business applications. In some situations, these applications have completely replaced previously used “fat client” desktop applications (as one example customers who have migrated to Office 365 from on-prem hosted Office environments). 

Much of the time these desktop applications continue to live and be used in parallel to web applications. And, of course, everyone has seen the rapid adoption of commercial web-accessed SaaS applications for ERP, CRM, HRIS, Security, Billing, Inventory and dozens to hundreds of other critical business functions. These applications are strategic investments for companies, made to ensure optimal employee productivity at optimal cost. 

Unfortunately, web applications, and especially commercial vendor web-accessed SaaS applications have extremely limited telemetry that is made available to application customers. A company typically will know that a given application is “available”, or “performing poorly” in a global sense only. Yes, some most critical custom applications may be instrumented with APM, but it’s never all of them (far too expensive and complex), and never commercial web-accessed SaaS applications. 

The rapid adoption of these all-too-easy to deploy and use web applications coupled with the lack of sufficient visibility faced by EUC, means that IT and Application owners are often forced into “SaaS license sprawl”, a situation where many companies find they are questioning the precise number of licenses they really need. 

The result is an entirely new battleground to which EUC and IT are operationally in the dark. Employees can have poor experience (performance, reliability, availability, sentiment) with web applications and either suffer in silence, or open a ticket. But, EUC has no visibility – the company typically will only know that a given application is “available”, or “has performance issues” – but with no context. 

Which employees, where, when, and under what circumstances? Is it only some employees, or is it everyone? The result is significantly delayed trouble-shooting and resolution of application issues, and guarantees IT and EUC will be trapped in a highly reactive posture – again, sub-optimal for ensuring employee experience. 

Challenge 3: Still grappling with reactivity? 

The best way to proactively manage (and optimize) any complex system is to continuously manage it using the right metrics.

Nexthink V6 and Nexthink Experience both deliver the power of the DEX Score – the consummate measure of the totality of how your employees are experiencing their interaction with IT.

In addition to understanding employee experience (via DEX scoring), it’s important to optimize a life-cycle process that always puts the mantra “what do we do next to continually improve employee experience?” first and foremost in all workflows across the organization. 

The benefits of upgrading to Nexthink Experience 

1. Achieve Agility – adapt to constantly changing requirements 

Because Nexthink Experience is a cloud SaaS solution, you immediately (and if you choose, automatically) inherit the rapid pace of Nexthink innovation across multiple value dimensions, including IssueRank™, Playbooks, Experience Optimization, Application Experience, Library Packs, Security, and more. 

2. Experience Efficiency – save money and refocus resources 

Nexthink Experience seamlessly delivers 99.5% availability, coupled with automatic backups via a fully and dynamically scalable platform at no additional/incremental cost. Your company and staff are freed from the costs associated with acquiring, upgrading, and maintaining dedicated infrastructure as well as the operational tasks of monitoring infrastructure availability and performance. 

3. Unlock Value – improve visibility, productivity and manage more proactively 

With Nexthink Experience, you can access highly valuable features and capabilities that are unavailable on the Nexthink V6 platform, including: 

  • Experience Optimization’s proactive management dashboards, CauseDetect™ and IssueRank™ – AI guided and ranked root cause identification and step-by-step playbook remediation recommendations – to proactively manage and improve employee experience in an accelerated fashion. MTTR is accelerated as well as enhanced and more proactive DEX-centric management and optimization of employee experience.
  • Application Experience eliminates the visibility challenges IT, EUC and Application owners have when their employees use web applications. IT can now understand true employee adoption and usage (to immediately unlock significant application license savings), as well as monitor the performance and reliability of each and every employee experiences while using these applications and the rest of your infrastructure.
  • Track your Nexthink Engage campaigns in real-time and easily visualize your results with Nexthink Engage Dashboards. Ensure employee sentiment is front and center with automatically created campaign summaries and campaign details. Drive your DEX activities forward with the actionable data displayed in the Nexthink Engage Dashboards

Far more than simply Nexthink V6 “in the cloud”, Nexthink Experience upgrades your abilities to proactively manage and ensure your employees’ digital experience. You and your organization save money and time, eliminate barriers to visibility across your employees’ entire experience, and proactively assure the utmost in employee experience. 

Ready to see Nexthink Experience in action? Get in touch to see these benefits for yourself.