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On-Demand Webinar

Windows 10: Ensuring an Employee-Centric Lifecycle

Enhance your Windows 10 rollout and keep control over Windows as a Service to provide a world-class Digital Employee Experience

On-Demand Webinar 

Discover the ins and outs of how Nexthink can help IT with their entire Windows 10 lifecycle using unique insight into their organization’s Digital Employee Experience. By combining both hard technical metrics and softer employee sentiment insight, Nexthink provides IT with unprecedented, real-time visibility over their Windows 10 services management

In this short, ready-to-watch webinar, explore how such actionable insight enables IT to:

  • streamline the migration process to simplify adoption and reduce deployment length, costs, and risks,
  • manage Windows as Service by keeping up with its continuous update release cycles, and
  • prevent deviations from a desired state using a wide range of remediation capabilities

Follow Christopher Heeger, Digital Workplace Analyst at nexthink, as he introduces the topic and its challenges, discusses the Nexthink Windows 10 initiative, and walks through three product demos.

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