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Nexthink Partner Briefing August – Digital Experience Best Practice


Our August Partner Briefing will continue the theme of Experience and focus on sharing best practice and practical guidance from the field to illustrate how digital experience management can drive continuous improvement in both IT service delivery and digital user experience.

Stephen Clarke and Howard McNamara, two Nexthink professional services consultants, will join us to share their customer insights during this call.

We look forward to seeing you there !

Can’t attend? Register now, and we’ll send the on-demand recording after the event to watch and share with colleagues.

Featured Speakers

Howard McNamara

Professional Services Consultant, Nexthink

Howard joined Nexthink in 2018 as a professional services consultant. Prior to joining Nexthink, Howard was a Nexthink customer for 4 years working in a variety of different roles: 1st line, 2nd line, 3rd line, proactive 2nd line, and in management. Currently, Howard is working on a wide variety of customer implementations at different levels of the maturity and are looking into standardizing our approaches to optimize the value out of Nexthink.

Stephen Clarke

Professional Services Consultant, Nexthink

Stephen joined Nexthink in January 2017 as a Professional Services Consultant. Prior to that, Stephen worked with Nexthink as a partner during several years - not long after Nexthink first set up in the UK. Stephen has recently started focussing on data analysis, using Excel to cross-section data in various ways in order to find patterns and correlations. Using DEX as a framework, this allows Nexthink to identify actions and use cases, gauge the impact that these changes are likely to yield and build an improvement roadmap for customers. During the session, Stephen will go through various examples of how this data is obtained and presented, using real data from the field.