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Nexthink Employee Engagement
Product Literature

Nexthink Employee Engagement

Targeted Self-Help and Communication

Today’s dispersed workforce faces a higher rate of breakdowns in communication, unforeseen disruptions, and frustrating digital experiences which lead to poor sentiment, productivity, and even resignation. IT needs to prevent these issues but are blind to employees’ experience and are stuck waiting for employees to submit tickets or emails to get the help they need. This waiting ensures that IT remains in a reactive mode.

Nexthink Infinity’s Employee Engagement bridges the gap with contextual two-way communications, cutting through the digital workplace noise with attention-grabbing notifications to which employees actually respond. Don’t waste time chasing down employees who ignore emails. Instead, provide critical information, share a survey, or help them fix issues automatically to improve their employee experience and productivity.

Learn how your IT can unlock engagement through targeted communications with Nexthink Infinity.