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Making Teams Work: The New Era in Unified Communications

On-Demand Webinar

For years, like so many unified communications teams, Mondelēz International, often found itself overwhelmed by data.

Now, through the use of digital experience management tools such as Nexthink, they are cutting through the noise, and seeking to pinpoint the precise context in which colleagues are operating. Ultimately, the hope is to anticipate user comms issues before they’re experienced on Teams and other platforms.

Listen in while Mike Kenny, global technical delivery lead unified communications at Mondelēz International discusses how he is building this truly holistic view and improving the employee experience with better communication.

You’ll learn:

  • How Mondelēz International manages its remote, hybrid workforce
  • How Teams plays a significant role in how all Mondelēz International employees collaborate and communicate
  • How Nexthink and Mondelēz International work together to improve the employee experience