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On-Demand Webinar

G Suite: Championing Cloud-Based Workforce Productivity and Engagement

Managing the health, adoption and compliance of employees’ G Suite experiences to ensure service performance and satisfaction

On-Demand Webinar 

With Nexthink’s G Suite initiative, IT teams can keep control over the efficient production of their cloud-based infrastructure by easily fixing service issues and ensuring employee satisfaction, all the while ensuring compliance.

Watch this 25-minute webinar to discover Nexthink G-suite initiative pack, enabling IT to:

  • gain actionable visibility over their G Suite service to drill down and remediate specific issues,
  • drive user engagement to support effective service usage, adoption and satisfaction,
  • maintain a desired state of compliance by taking direct and remote action on uncompliant devices.

Follow Mike Betts, Workplace Architect at nexthink, as he discusses the common challenges of G Suit in large enterprises, explains how they can be resolved using Nexthink and walks through some product demonstrations.

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