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The latest Nexthink Release is All About Proactive IT

The latest Nexthink Release is All About Proactive IT
December 4, 2020

The latest Nexthink release has rolled out, with a wide range of features to support the ongoing Nexthink mission – driving proactive, continuous management of digital employee experience across your entire estate. Our recent focus has been on building out virtualization support in the platform, continuing to enhance optimization of management workflows, and making employee engagement more powerful and accessible than ever before. Let’s take a deeper look at what’s new!

Enhanced filtering and playbooks for Experience Optimization

Experience Optimization is at the heart of the Nexthink Experience platform – providing a prioritized guided process for proactively managing experience. Since its launch earlier this year, we have had fantastic feedback from customers on how they are leveraging the 360-degree visibility across the enterprise to rapidly identify and resolve a wide range of employee-centric issues. Based on this feedback, we have introduced a range of additional capabilities to make the optimization process even more intuitive and effective.

  • Enhanced playbook navigation to further streamline the optimization process
  • Additional score metrics and trend data to provide deeper insight and more effective remediation
  • Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Session-Based Computing (SBC) filtering
  • Smarter cross-dashboard filtering and new sentiment-related playbooks to drive even more holistic troubleshooting and remediation

You can discover more about these exciting additions here.

A modern new look for Nexthink Engage

Nexthink Engage provides a rich, hyper-targeted engagement channel between IT and employees. Our customers have been successfully deploying Engage to ensure the right information gets to the right users at the right time, and to ensure that real-time employee sentiment information can drive the right IT decisions on an ongoing basis.

Engage now has a modern new look. Significant customer research was conducted to develop a new visual identity and personalized branding with the objective of improving campaign response rates and response times. Customers can update their Engage persona to create a stronger sense of familiarity and increase response rates.

You can have a look at the new design and features here.

Nexthink for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and VMware Horizon

In our last product release in August, we introduced new capabilities for monitoring VDI and SBC deployments for Citrix, giving IT deep insight into employee experience for both virtual and physical desktops. We are excited to continue this momentum in the latest release – we have now added support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and VMware Horizon. Across each of these environments, Nexthink offers rich visibility during assessment, pilot and ongoing operation of your desktop virtualization projects

You can explore Nexthink visibility into virtualized environments here.

Delivering personalized IT with Persona Insight

We continue to expand our extensive Library of pre-built content tailored for specific technologies and use cases.

Our new Persona Insight content allows organizations to deliver personalized, right-sized IT to every employee. IT is now able to make choices about what computing platforms employees use and can measure and quantify what business applications and computing resources employees needs to be productive. This rich capability delivers multiple benefits – employee onboarding is easier, time-to-productivity is faster, and organizations can better align software licensing with the employee’s actual needs.

We dive into the value that can be unlocked through Persona Insight here.

New content on the horizon

We will be introducing a wide array of additional content, features and capabilities in Nexthink in the coming months. Check-in with us regularly to see how Nexthink can help you drive proactive improvement of employee experience across your organization.

For a full description of the V6.29 / 2020.5 release, visit the product documentation

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