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Nexthink Engage: A New Look & Feel

Nexthink Engage: A New Look & Feel
December 2, 2020

Nexthink Experience 2020.5, the latest product release, introduced a wide range of exciting new features for our customers—from additional Nexthink Act capabilities to Experience Optimization UX improvement. You can find out more on our product documentation page.

But one feature we’re thrilled about and just can’t wait for our customers to discover is the new Nexthink Engage User Interface.

Nexthink Engage has always been a core aspect of both the Nexthink product and the Nexthink philosophy of employee-centric IT. For years, its two-way hyper-targeted engagement channel has bridged the gap between millions of employees and their IT teams, by enabling IT to:

  • gather key sentiment data in context to correlate with technical metrics,
  • deploy timely communication campaigns to drive awareness and adoption or
  • deliver automated self-help campaigns and remediation guidance to reduce tickets and improve employee experience.

Its flexible, real-time and targeted nature has continued to deliver unbeatable response rates by sending the right campaign, to the right people, at the right time on both macOS and Windows devices.

And it just got a new, fresh design update.

A modern, new look

The most evident change of this Engage upgrade lies in its new visual identity. The Nexthink UX team has been hard at work to find the right visual language that would keep Engage’s non-intrusive and user-friendly characteristics, wrapped in a new, modern and sleek look and feel.

Branding is a key aspect of internal communications, and customers can still change their Engage persona at will to create a stronger sense of familiarity and increase response rates. This release also allows customers to enhance their corporate branding with a new web-based branding interface. In a couple of clicks, customers can now change their logo or accent color to define their preferred engagement identity.

Efficiency in mind

But it’s not just a pretty UX. A lot of thought was put it the practicality and efficiency of this redesign. First, significant user research was conducted to develop the new visual identity and personalized branding with the simple objective of improving response rate and response times. In addition, a subtle streamlining of the campaign interaction flow further optimizes employee responses.

As always, Engage’s hypertargeting capabilities combined with these new UI/X changes will continue to deliver unparalleled response rates.

Adoption and Backwards Compatibility

As with any changes to the digital workplace, adoption is key. Without proper awareness and communication, sudden changes to the Engage interface might raise employee concerns. So, with the V6.29 | 2020.5 release, we’ve made sure to include the option for customers to decide when they want to use the new UI for each campaign. That way, customers can deploy their new UI environment at their own pace to ensure a smooth transition.

In addition, customers don’t have to worry about if their current custom campaigns will function with the new update. They can rest assured that all Engage campaigns will be fully backward compatible and will continue to work on either UI.

Watch this space

As with all things Nexthink, this is just another step in our journey to provide IT teams with the best digital employee experience management solution. Nexthink Engage, along with all Nexthink products, will continue to evolve and improve thanks to constant innovation and customer feedback.


To find out more about the latest release V6.29 | Nexthink Experience 2020.5, visit the product documentation page.

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