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Nexthink + Qualtrics: A New View on the Employee Experience

Nexthink + Qualtrics: A New View on the Employee Experience
March 21, 2022

These last two years have been eye opening for many business leaders and board room directors.  With the “great resignation” in full effect, the importance of employee experience to overall business success is stronger than ever. In the simplest sense, the happiness and wellbeing of employees can make or break the organization. As a leader in the future of work Nexthink is thrilled to announce our partnership with Qualtrics. 

This powerful new partnership puts a greater depth of employee experience data at your fingertips. Nexthink’s ability to collect real-time, factual data on employee experience combined with Qualtrics’ leadership in helping companies listen, understand and act on employee sentiment. Your organization can have a full spectrum, 360° understanding of the employee experience across a hybrid workforce of any size. 

Opening the door to a better experience  

The power of this partnership is rooted in the combination of IT data with HR insights, unlocking a deeper view into the entire employee experience. When you layer Qualtrics’ sentiment insights on top of Nexthink’s quantitative data, you can connect the dots between technical issues and changes in employee sentiment, giving you a holistic view into the how and why of your employee experience.  

With Nexthink, you see technical issues as they arise allowing you to plan for the waves and address them head on. Qualtrics makes it possible for you to align that feedback with the correct action. 

Nexthink and Qualtrics

A Qualtrics dashboard showing a mix of Nexthink and Qualtrics data.

In short, the partnership between Nexthink and Qualtrics gives you better response rates to employee pulses, improved employee sentiment, improved eNPS results, and the tools you need to craft the best possible employee experience across both the technical and cultural landscapes of your organization. 

The Partnership in Action 

Let’s take a look at one example to get a clearer picture of how this partnership works. 

Take a large enterprise with 10,000+ employees, for example, which is experiencing a problem with their video conferencing platform. The application has been crashing, and the issue is impacting a significant percentage of their employees. For example, the marketing team is trying to have their monthly meeting, but the VP of marketing can’t join the meeting because their app keeps crashing. Then, once they finally do get in, their audio isn’t working, and no one else in the meeting can hear them. Frustrated, they cancel the call and send out an email saying they’ll reschedule. 

The problem is, the marketing team has over 100 people spread across ten teams. It’s not easy getting that many people on a call. The VP had some important updates to share and was interested in hearing feedback and questions from their team in real-time. Now they’ll have to share those updates via email, with no way of assessing their team’s response. The whole team is feeling frustrated and annoyed. 

One issue has now impacted the overall happiness and productivity of an entire department. How can Nexthink and Qualtrics help improve the situation? 

With Nexthink, the IT team can access real-time operational data to reveal the scope and extent of the video call problem. They can see at a glance how many users are affected, as well as identify key information like their device type and model.  

Nexthink Dashboard

Nexthink showing experience scores over time.

Then, Nexthink can request user feedback directly from Qualtrics right as the issue is happening. Because the IT team is asking for feedback at the right time, they get a much higher response rate, up above 50%, rather than the usual 15%. 

Now, leadership has the depth of information they need to make a data driven decision about the best way forward. They can clearly see and communicate the impact these technical issues are having on employee productivity and sentiment.  

Qualtrics Dashboard

Qualtric’s Survey Results

With factual data from Nexthink and employee sentiment data from Qualtrics, this business can address issues in a timely manner and, more importantly, proactively strategize approaches that promote a positive employee experience across the board.  

Nexthink + Qualtrics: Better Together 

With Nexthink’s powerful o-data providing factual metrics and contextual understanding paired with Qualtrics’ leading employee sentiment analysis and insights, business leaders have a wealth of data and information at their fingertips. Together, Nexthink and Qualtrics allow your organization to deliver a premium digital experience for employees where the right tech, at the right time, in the right place leads to a more engaged, productive, and thriving culture. 

Interested? Reach out to your reps today or contact us to start a conversation about how your organization might benefit from the powerful combination of Nexthink and Qualtrics.