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What’s Behind the New Nexthink Experience?

What’s Behind the New Nexthink Experience?
June 30, 2020

We are proud to announce the next generation of our platform, Nexthink Experience™, a cloud-native solution that equips IT with the ability to proactively manage Digital Employee Experience (DEX) for continuous optimization. With a groundbreaking set of new capabilities, IT no longer has to struggle to answer the question “how do I solve this issue?” For the first time, they can prioritize issues, pinpoint causes, and resolve computing problems across their entire infrastructure.

By adding these capabilities to our existing foundation—which includes real-time analytics, digital experience scoring, automated remediation, and employee feedback—IT has the ability to resolve their most complicated network, application, and device problems easier than ever.

Let’s break down what makes Nexthink Experience so special:

A single hub for proactive problem solving & optimization

Key to our new platform is Experience Optimization, a central hub where IT professionals can measure, manage and improve their employees’ experience with devices, applications, and networks. Backed by Nexthink’s Digital Experience Score, the hub shows real-time device data and employee sentiment metrics, presented in several interactive charts. The Digital Experience Score helps IT interpret what’s happening across their environment from a macro-level and across specific devices, business applications, and productivity & collaboration tools. It also captures and correlates employee satisfaction to give a true perspective on employee experience. These overview dashboards also allows users to drill-down and explore event data at a granular level.

Experience Optimization gives IT the ability to monitor digital experience across the organization and immediately see what issues to focus on

Prioritized recommendations that help IT answer: “what issues should I focus on today?” & “how do I find the right fix?”

Every enterprise IT department is faced with limited time and resources, so being able to prioritize which issues are most critical can pay big dividends. IssueRank™ is a new capability in the platform that prioritizes the biggest tech issues that impact a company’s DEX. IT can see how many of their devices are affected by each issue, and how those issues impact their overall experience score.

IssueRank helps IT to prioritize their main performance problems, and predict how each issue is impacting their overall DEX score

Once IT selects a given issue to focus on, they immediately see a list of possible fixes and guidance on the best approach to take. This capability can replace painstaking manual investigations and eliminate the need for extensive trial-and-error analysis. IT can also decide the best course of action quickly, effectively and without requiring deep expertise in different technical domains.

Once issues are prioritized, it’s time to find the right fix. Nexthink Experience provides a list of possible fixes for IT to determine their best remediation approach.

Experience insights for flexible working environments

Nexthink Experience also gives IT the ability to monitor both in-office and remote working environments. In addition, our Remote Worker Experience library pack enables IT to resolve VPN & Wi-Fi performance issues, encrypt remote devices at scale, collect employee sentiment data, and address a host of other issues.

IT can understand in real-time how employees are experiencing their digital environment, no matter where they work.

Playbooks that offer simple, step-by-step remediation guidance for IT

Of course, prioritized recommendations and root cause analysis are big, but we also wanted to make sure IT had the ability to fully resolve their employees’ tech problems. Instead of spending hours trying to close out an incident, IT can now use over 50 playbooks to quickly tackle their most demanding tech challenges. Playbooks incorporate data collection, employee communication and automated remediations from Nexthink Engage and Nexthink Act—allowing IT to quickly automate fixes at scale and collect meaningful employee feedback.

Experience Optimization playbooks provide detailed guidance for IT on how to solve critical issues

Seamless integrations with existing business processes and IT infrastructure

Nexthink Experience can also integrate with popular ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Splunk and any chatbot adapter. The platform’s real-time employee data, powerful remote actions, and automated alerts add unique context to 3rd-party self-service portals and ticketing systems, helping IT to accelerate troubleshooting and corroborate their event data.

IT can integrate Nexthink intelligence into any chatbot adapter and interface, offering a unique way to assist employees using tools like Slack, MS Teams and others.

A SaaS platform built for enterprise IT & the Digital Employee Experience

As a cloud-native solution, Nexthink Experience allows IT to avoid the time, cost and risk of managing infrastructure and applications on-premises. Instead, they receive rapid time to value with Nexthink Experience, benefit from frequent updates, and can scale and adapt to any work environment (on-site, remote, or flexible).

What’s holding your IT department back?

Limited resources, competing demands, reactive problem solving—the list of issues that hold IT back is long, but we see organizations overcome those challenges every day. Right now, workers around the world depend on their digital experiences to fuel their day. We are proud to help IT see the world from their employees’ eyes, and fix problems in a way that is both practical and proactive.

The work for all of us at Nexthink doesn’t stop here. Over the coming weeks and months, our customers will continue to find new integrations and enhancements in Nexthink Experience, always with the goal that IT can do things bigger, better, and faster.

Now, let’s get to work.

Samuele Gantner, Chief Product Officer, Nexthink

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