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Driving Cost-Efficient Transformations Without Impacting Quality

Driving Cost-Efficient Transformations Without Impacting Quality
December 5, 2022

The only constant in the technology industry is CHANGE.

We all know that while change may be a constant and has the potential to bring enormous benefits to an organization, change can also be incredibly disruptive. Technology trends such as Cloud, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), virtual applications and desktops, and mobility have resulted in increased data volume, variety, velocity and complexity, and have turned IT operations management into an overwhelming challenge.

IT transformation projects are notorious for having high failure rates. This is one of the main reasons, many IT leaders have been sceptical about starting these projects, especially during the economic crisis atmosphere. One wrong move can turn out to be a very costly mistake and would impact the business negatively.

Technology has to come in to help these IT leaders bring order to the practice of transformation. This technology should help by gathering vast amounts of availability, performance, security, and other types of data and filtering out the “noise” to discover significant complex patterns within the data. When this is done effectively and precisely, then they become the guiding compass for the IT leaders to firmly take steps forward with transformation projects.

A new approach to IT Operations Analytics

Nexthink’s real-time, ITOA (IT Operations Analytics)  approach represents a  new form of analytics that addresses the problems found in the traditional paradigm.

Nexthink Infinity gathers and analyses data from the perspective of the end-user. This means Nexthink can see the user, device, and processes running on the device and correlate this data with the knowledge of the network services, resources, latency, and other factors, for a complete IT operations analysis. Built on patented self-learning technology and visualizations, Nexthink can identify and interpret data patterns that no other products see.

End users are pivotal in determining the success yardstick of transformation projects. Users expect deliverables to be as good and as powerful as their current workplace, if not better. Hence, it is critical to offer the right fulfillment to match a user’s role, persona, and expectations.  Are you able to measure and answer the simple but elusive question “are my employees happy?”, and do so based on data in the real-time, all-the-time context of actual events across the enterprise?

Measuring, assessing, and understanding users is key

A deep data-driven understanding of users, their environment, and their working style (i.e. their persona), measuring hard metrics and user sentiment, is an essential prerequisite to any successful transformation initiative. Enterprises have diverse personas and IT must thoroughly assess both user and environment readiness ahead of any digital transformation projects.

For Example, Let’s take a Desktop Virtualization Project which is one of the most critical both by risk and benefits for the organization. Only a thorough VDI migration assessment can reveal subtleties that if otherwise left uncovered could sabotage a VDI migration.

Assessment of users by persona


For instance, it may be shown that specific personas should be phased into a broader VDI migration strategy and timeline.  For example, a deep and comprehensive assessment may reveal that disrupting Specialist Users, those with advanced technology needs within an enterprise could have more far-reaching consequences given their use of critical business systems than other personas across the enterprise.  Such a data-driven approach unlocks intelligent migration project planning, significantly decreases employee productivity impacts, and bolsters the experience of users as the migration ensues.

Nexthink allows you to intimately assess all users across an enterprise, using both hard metrics and user sentiment data, providing the most advanced and comprehensive user assessment and scoping capabilities, uniquely setting an enterprise up for such migration project success.

Understanding User based on Persona


Gain Visibility and Mitigate Risk

You cannot secure, improve, and change what you can’t see (or see too late)! Nexthink understands that  IT  departments lack the tools to see what the end-user sees.

Unfortunately, many of the issues you face come down to a lack of visibility. But fortunately, Nexthink is capable of removing those barriers and bringing unparalleled access to real-time problem-solving.

Nexthink End-to-End Enterprise Visibility

Nexthink provides a comprehensive solution with complete visibility of workplace resources, uniquely including the actual sentiment of end users in context, along with actionable insights. The Nexthink assessment strategy and design are cohesive and user experience-focused. The Nexthink platform helps you understand and relate to every aspect of the endpoint such as the user, device, packages, applications, binaries, ports, destinations, domains, actions, events, and user sentiment all from the user perspective – all the time, every time, in real-time.

Learn more about how Nexthink helps you gain the complete Enterprise Visibility

Visibility to Understand and relate every aspect of endpoint.


Right-size and Right-scale to Ensure Value

A comprehensive data-driven approach, based on hard metrics and user sentiment in real-time context from a customer’s employees, provides value to both Product Vendors and customers.

Finding the right balance in Sizing & Scaling

While the vendor can always over-allocate resources to customers in an effort to ensure experience, it’s highly inefficient for Vendors to do so and can unintentionally price them out of opportunities.  Whereas under-sizing could result in service disruptions and outages, almost certainly causing unnecessary customer churn.  A properly executed assessment is critical for Transformation success.


Nexthink Provides precise sizing insights based on the Usage pattern, User Work Style, Persona etc.

Comprehensive Data-Driven Sizing


Drive Employee Adoption

Digital transformation is not just about technology. It’s about people.

83% of senior executives said their biggest challenge with digital transformation was getting their staff to use the software. You can’t deploy a new service without employee buy-in. Because with it, the project will cost more time, money, and resources, risking employee productivity and executive support.

Digital Adoption of Employees is the most critical factor for Transformation Success


Key elements:

  • Awareness: Do Employees know about the new Technology? How to access it? What does it deliver? How will it help them?
  • Consideration: Where doe Employees find more information about the new technology and how to use it?
  • Learning: Ability to learn more. Flexibility in learning and contextual understanding of the new Technology.
  • Support: Help the Employees with Contextual help when they need one with the usage of the New Technology.
  • Referral: Employees could share their success stories with their peers to improve the adoption.


IT teams can’t see what’s preventing employee buy-in because today’s IT landscape presents employee experience in silos, or in some cases, not at all. IT cannot see the true impact of employees’ issues with their applications and services. If they don’t know what’s broken, they can’t fix it. Resistance to change is real, and employees unfamiliar with a new service or application who migrated without proper context and guidance will feel lost, and irritated, and will be more likely to contact IT for support or give up on the new software entirely.

Nexthink can provide real-time analytics to automatically act on, while also supporting the employee experience with two-way communication channels to communicate, train, educate, and support new service adoption.

Real-time Adoption insights to automatically act on

One employee-centric platform to support the digital transformation from conception to completion

Nexthink provides a single solution to assess, plan, deploy and run any Digital Transformation projects. EUC teams can simplify and accelerate their entire transformation project using a unique combination of targeted automation, employee engagement and landscape-wide visibility.

Complete Coverage from Nexthink

Key elements:

  • Complete Coverage: Comprehensive Digital Experience Management, not a “point solution”.
  • Real-time: From various viewpoints such as user, device, or applications.  Not static in nature.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Uniquely capable of gathering user sentiment in the context of real-time events happening in the user’s environment.
  • Real Actionable Insights: With high-quality data and precision. Covering all pain points such as logon speed, vendor metrics, profile size, security, etc.
  • On-Going Process: Continuous improvement methodology and proven process for a digital experience journey.
  • Cost Effective: reduce IT costs in the short term with software and hardware asset optimization,  faster transformation projects, and enhanced service desk productivity


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