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Key Research Activities

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Help us build products that work for you and your organization by participating in an online survey.

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Nexthink User Research

Signing up for our research panel is an opportunity to inform the future direction of our products. We conduct several types of research to ensure we are prioritizing what is most important to our customers’ success. In order to build the right tools for your needs, we need to understand your goals, needs and challenges. We also collect feedback on features in development or already in the product. Your input allows us to continue to improve on those experiences.

We’ll send you a confirmation email within a week. Once you’re signed up, we might occasionally invite you to participate in research we think you may be interested in—and spare your inbox otherwise.

If you haven’t received a welcome email within a week after signing up, please check your spam folder and contact us.

All research opportunities are fully opt-in. When we extend an invitation, we will include the time frame. For example, most interviews are between 30-60 minutes and you can tell us what times are most convenient for you. Our surveys generally take less than 5-10 minutes to complete on your own time.

Your safety is our highest priority. Most of our research is currently taking place online. Should we invite you to an in-person research activity, do not hesitate to discuss your concerns and possible safety measures with our researchers. You’re always free to decline our invitations, no questions asked.

Nexthink Research will only ever contact you about research opportunities. During research activities, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the direction of specific product designs and directions. Nexthink Ambassadors can participate in feedback and additionally receive exclusive access to Nexthink teams, new content and a range of “DEX Changemaker” trainings.

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