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Personas: Make IT Cost-Effective and Personalized

Personas are critical for IT to onboard employees with the right tools and devices, and deliver the best experience and support without over-spending. However, traditional personas fail as they are based on static and superficial criteria that do not capture the continuously changing needs of employees.

Deliver Cost-Effective Personalization at Scale

Nexthink continuously understands the multi-dimensional needs, traits and preferences of employees, dynamically grouping people by their working style so you can deliver cost-effective personalization at scale.

Personalize Device Provisioning

Delight every employee with the perfect device for their workstyle without overspending.

Onboard People With Evolving Work Styles

Give employees the tools and the systems access they need to be productive from day 1.

Optimize Transformational Projects

Identify and engage only the most relevant employees for strategic IT projects.

Personalize Device Provisioning

Drive hardware costs down without frustrating employees.

Understand the resource utilization, SaaS and traditional application usage, network usage, preferences, and traits to provision the perfect device for every employee’s individual work style.

Onboard Employees With Evolving Work Styles

Continuously optimize employee onboarding.

Prevent excessive personalization requests for new applications and systems access. Continuously optimize day 1 onboarding and understand when work styles change to proactively engage employees with offers to personalize their workspace.

Optimize Transformational Projects

Find the ideal candidates for your most strategic projects.

Avoid costly assumptions about how your employees work, what they need, and how they are impacted by technology. Understand work style to select the best candidates for transformational projects such as Desktop as a Service, Windows 11 and much more.

Fidelity International: Tailored Employee Experience at Scale

Khurem Goheer (Technology Director, Architecture and Strategy at Fidelity International) and his team know what it takes to decipher digital employee experience data and solve big problems for remote workers.

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