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Nexthink CEO Pedro Bados appears on CNBC View Coverage

Windows Migrations

Nexthink is the most effective way to prepare and follow up your Windows migration process. Nexthink technology provides you the essential visibility to avoid the errors of the past OS migrations, reducing costs, project times, and users’ complaints and applications problems. With Nexthink, become capable of monitoring the quality of the service provided to your business end-users before, during and after the Windows migration detecting and solving problems even before they experience them.
Daniel Landolt

Thanks to Nexthink our Windows migration was rolled out on time and with excellent user satisfaction.

Daniel Landolt, Head of IT Integration Management, FEDRO

IKK Group uses Nexthink for their Windows migration

“We can now identify problems early and resolve issues quickly. The real-time data and IT analytics from Nexthink are invaluable in the planning and implementation and therefore the success of our ongoing migration projects.” Zohdi El-Saadi, Chief Information Officer, IKK Group.

What do I get with Nexthink?