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Windows 10

Migration and management: it’s about experience, not operating systems

The central problem faced by organizations performing mass migrations is the complexity of coordinating large numbers of disparate people and devices while ensuring controlled and secure OS deployments. With Nexthink, IT operations can eliminate disruption and downtime for employees by controlling the migration centrally while getting rapid feedback on productivity, device and application performance. We allow organizations to closely and completely monitor the success of the process end to end.Kickstart a worry-free Windows 10 migration.

Windows 10 migration Complete visibility from pre- to post-migration

  • Ensure real-time visibility over all endpoints for proper migration planning
  • Gain static and dynamic assessments for a holistic view

Windows 10 monitoring Ensure Windows 10 works properly

  • Monitor key health indicators, issues, and employee satisfaction
  • Make quick decisions with live endpoint and end-user data

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