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Windows 10

Delivering an employee-centric Windows lifecycle

Performing a successful migration is no easy feat. For large organizations, this means coordinating the mass deployment of thousands of devices and their users. And that’s only half the story as, once migrated, IT still needs to continually deploy Windows’ recurrent updates to keep every device secure and performant.  All that, while ensuring employee productivity and satisfaction.

Nexthink gives IT full, centralized control over their entire Windows 10 lifecycle. Using actionable insight from the combination of both technical metrics and employee sentiment feedback, IT teams gains a comprehensive visibility to both streamline migration and provide a great Digital Employee Experience post-deployment. 

Migrate in confidence Using the right strategy to reduce deployment time, risks and resources

  • Analyze the IT landscape to ensure pre-migration readiness and plan for replacement costs
  • Migrate all devices, regardless of location, department or business group
  • Monitor rollout progress using and remediate incidents detected along the way
  • Keep employees aware of project details to increase adoption and engagement

Enhance your deployment agility Stay on top of Windows as a Service’s continuous updates and prevent employee disruptions

  • Create representative deployment rings to test and validate each update rollout
  • Monitor device versioning and reduce the deployment length of new releases
  • Track and fix device performance, employee satisfaction and network consumption issues
  • Engage with employees to gain sentiment feedback sustain a great user experience

Maintain a desired state of compliance Remediated issues with ease to prevent performance and satisfaction degradations

  • Monitor you IT landscape to easily detect security and performance issues in real time
  • Proactively fix performance deviations in with remote actions and automatic remediations
  • Drill down into specific users and devices to diagnose root problems of detected issues
  • Synchronize with Microsoft SCCM and support modern device management initiatives

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