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Windows 10 and Office 365 Acceleration

Disruption-Free Transformation: It's about the user, not the OS.

Nexthink’s solutions for Windows 10 and Office 365 are designed to keep IT teams agile by quickly identifying performance deviations, engaging with employees to inform them about potential problems and driving ease of adoption. Not only does Nexthink help reduce migration time, costs and risks through increased visibility over endpoints to proactively detect issues, the solutions also enable organizations keep pace with accelerated releases using automation, real-time metrics and end-user feedback.

Seamless Migration Managing risks from pre-to-post migration

  • Pinpoint and optimize actions and their impacts with precision
  • Identify real-time performance deviations
  • Enhance project adoption by driving employee engagement
    • Identify most used packages for focus testing
    • Detect migration-ready devices based on hardware and software compatibility
    • Enhance project adoption by driving employee engagement

Take back control Deploy rapidly and effectively

  • Implement pilot testing with target personas
  • Accelerate testing cycles with accurate information
  • Communicate with employees in real-time to implement fixes and minimize disruptions
    • Spot key application instability
    • Proactively detect increase in bandwidth utilization
    • Identify frequent Outlook crashes after update

Optimize employee productivity Accelerate adoption and enhance agility

  • Analyze employee adoption of products with pre-defined dashboard
  • Launch targeted communications to educate and train
    • Recommend alternative features with real-time notifications to your employees
    • Monitor adoption and improve usage of new tools and products

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