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Threat Detection

Stop endpoint attacks before they start or control them when they happen

Security solutions and measure are already in place, yet malware is still reaching the endpoints. Often it takes weeks, months or even years for breaches to be identified—long after the damage has been done. Get control of your endpoints with Nexthink’s real-time analytics to better identify threats, risks and abnormal behaviors. Nexthink integrates with your existing security and monitoring systems for more complete protection across your entire IT estate.

Abnormal behavior detection Quickly identify potential threats

  • Define indicators to identify abnormal endpoint/application behaviors
  • Get real-time alerts when abnormalities are detected
  • Example: detect frequent connection attempts to suspicious URLs

Vulnerability analysis Rapidly assess vulnerable assets

  • Assess potential at-risk systems and assets, and proactively take measures to mitigate
  • Identify potential business impacts and likelihoods
  • Prioritize risk for fastest, most appropriate incident response
  • Example: rapid investigation of vulnerable assets related to a recent CVE on Microsoft Internet Explorer

Insider threats Balance insider threats with employee privacy

  • Anonymously analyze behaviors related to insider-threat risks
  • Get real-time alerts when abnormalities are detected
  • Examples: detection of workstation activity while logged-on user is on vacation, detection of high volumes of traffic from restricted site generated by a VIP user

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