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Skype for Business

Understand and overcome issues to create a seamless communication experience for your employees

Skype for Business, the most commonly used enterprise telecommunication software, regularly requires troubleshooting and fixing in complex enterprise infrastructures. With Nexthink, enterprise IT teams have a new way to diagnose Skype for Business service issues and transform it into a reliable and scalable telecommunication experience for their employees.

Skype for Business Visibility See first hand what your employees are facing

  • Understand true experience from targeted analytics
  • Track solution adoption and user performance
  • Monitor call quality and filter issues by location, time, or user group
  • Discover performance issues related to voice, video and screensharing capabilities

Skype for Business Diagnostic Diagnose and fix issues fast

  • Detect and solve issues with context
  • Compare the impact of different network mediums
  • Measure and identify the source of latency, jitter or packet loss
  • Understand the context behind quality drops based on device data and user activity

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