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Service Monitoring

Service consumption & outages. From the user’s perspective

Your service monitoring tools indicate everything is normal, but your employees are complaining about service outages. The problem? Your traditional datacenter infrastructure doesn’t extend to end-user devices. Nexthink enables IT organizations to focus on your most critical stakeholder—the business consumer.Gain a complete understanding of service consumption and outages from the employee’s standpoint.

Insights for infrastructure teams Find and fix service failures

  • Monitor end-to-end delivery of IT services
  • Identify service failures and outages in real time
  • Examples:
    • Gain constant visibility into the email service by integrating Nexthink dashboards with NOC monitoring tools
    • Spot a degraded critical business service as soon as issues occur and act accordingly

Insights for service owners Track service adoption and consumption

  • Monitor service adoption and consumption in real time
  • Engage with employees to improve IT service
  • Examples:
    • Track the adoption of the collaboration platform service
    • Communicate with end users to better configure the corporate cloud storage service

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