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Proactive Change Management

Break free from the vicious reactive management cycle

Business impact is at risk when IT change projects don’t go as planned, causing significant downtime and costs. Nexthink enables organizations to break free from reactively managing these issues and take a proactive approach with a clear understanding of potential business impacts—before they happen.

Change impact analysis Get proactive with an instant view of potential issues

  • At a glance, identify endpoints and users impacted by potential changes
  • Proactively inform users of upcoming changes and potential impacts

Change management monitoring Gain a real-time view of impact assessment

  • Continuously monitor key performance indicators of assets impacted
  • Get immediate visibility of potential side effects of changes

Bi-directional communication and feedback loop Create and nurture a culture that embraces change

  • Rapidly identify user satisfaction and productivity issues
  • Inform users about new features and capabilities and how to use them

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