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Office 365

Empower your workforce with disruption-free migration and management

With Office 365, employees can make more meaningful connections and collaborate more frequently. Making the move to Office 365 a simple and seamless experience for employees can also go a long way in strengthening IT and business relationships. Deliver Office 365 migration projects with zero downtime and disruption with clear real-time visibility and complete control over the migration progress.

Office 365 migration Complete visibility from pre- to post-migration

  • Ensure real-time visibility over all endpoints for proper migration planning
  • Gain static and dynamic assessments for a holistic view

Office 365 monitoring Ensure Office 365 works properly

  • Monitor key health indicators, issues, and employee satisfaction
  • Accelerate decision making with live endpoint and end-user data

Skype for Business Advanced monitoring and diagnostics

  • Understand user adoption, usage and consumption
  • Solve problems rapidly with quick issue diagnostics
  • Find out more!

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