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Virtual agents - or chatbots - use artificial intelligence to automate simple tasks, reducing IT support overheads and creating better experiences for your employees. Nexthink extends and enhances chatbot's capabilities by infusing them with unique end-point and end-user intelligence to automate, scale, and optimize your digital employee experience.

With Nexthink intelligence, IT teams can enhance their chatbots with:

Better Accuracy Provide greater context to support cases impacting employees

  • Give your chatbot instant access to endpoint intelligence
  • Enable your chatbot to retrieve the correct data to solve specific issues
  • Decrease the amount of information needed from the user to address their issue

Greater Intelligence Simplify automatic diagnosis with key infrastructure and device data

  • Retrieve activity data about user devices and IT infrastructure
  • Increase resolution rate with in-context diagnoses
  • Identify issues and suggest a range of different solutions to the user

Increased Speed Remediate issues in a matter of seconds without straining your workforce

  • Empower your chatbot to take direct and automated actions to solve issues
  • Provide users with on-demand IT support to resolve issues 24/7
  • Open and close tickets automatically

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Bring your Chatbot to life with endpoint intelligence.