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MTTR Reduction

Deliver faster IT incident resolution and improve employee experience

A primary goal for IT teams is to reduce downtime—and the most effective way to do it is to have better visibility and a faster way to remediate incidents when they arise. With Nexthink’s digital experience management platform IT teams can finally balance speed and efficiency of incident resolution with the unique ability to enhance employee satisfaction at the same time. Ultimately, this faster resolution translates into not only improved employee experience but also lower overall costs.

Incident logging and evaluation Get critical info at a glance

  • Discover critical device/user information instantly
  • Get complete clarity with real-time checklists that pinpoint critical issues
  • Examples: verify critical services are running, check hard disk space

Investigation and diagnosis Ascertain what happened and how it can be solved

  • Optimize incident and problem diagnosis with real-time investigative data
  • Access detailed and device-specific information with ease
  • Examples: retrieve WiFi stats for troubleshooting, collect log files to analyze business application incidents

One-click fix Solve issues instantly

  • Resolve common issues with one-click remediation
  • Execute remote actions on any device—instantaneously
  • Examples: restart critical services, clear print jobs stuck in queue, modify OS and corporate tool settings

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