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Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Restore IT confidence amongst employees

The pace of technological change in the workplace is accelerating—and employee frustration along with it. Issues are not only irritating; they can cause mass disruption. In fact, the average employee spends a whopping 22 minutes a day dealing with IT-related issues. Using Nexthink, IT teams have a new way to break down the wall between IT and employees and eliminate the disruption. Rapidly improve IT satisfaction by correlating real-time feedback with technical data.

Measure Identify what to improve

  • Identify and measure end-user satisfaction and endpoint performance
  • Ask targeted questions to the right person on a specific device
  • Examples:
    • Measure Skype for Business performance by matching user feedback with application stability and network response time
    • Measure the satisfaction of end users with respect to the new self-service portal

Improve Implement key actions

  • Rapidly identify key actions for continuous improvement
  • Take instant action to course correct and track progress in real-time to create a seamless experience
  • Examples:
    • Define laptop renewal strategies with employee feedback
    • Redesign the intranet portal to better address the needs shared by employees

Monitor Continuously monitor satisfaction

  • Calculate average satisfaction of devices, applications, etc. over time
  • Identify environment changes and their impact on satisfaction in an instant
  • Examples:
    • Monitor satisfaction dashboards of office WiFi evolution on quarterly basis
    • Understand how employee satisfaction varies following incremental changes of the ERP system

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