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Incident Response

Strike fast to resolve security incidents

When there’s a problem, IT must act instantly to resolve it. Doing so usually involves different IT teams and a complex tangle of tools, apps, networks and endpoints. While you unravel the issue, you have to uphold employee productivity and minimize business impact. Nexthink provides a command and control center that gets everyone and everything on the same page, so you can detect and correct security incidents lightning quick.

Don’t let security incidents get you down. Go beyond the basics and get proactive with complete security visibility, real-time threat detection and digital investigations.

Automated problem resolution Close the gap between detection and response

  • Easily define automated actions to rapidly respond to detected incidents
  • Conduct precise and targeted investigations to quickly uncover the cause of an incident
  • Example: automated isolation of an endpoint when there’s been a breach

Digital investigation Enhanced endpoint security analysis with historical data

  • Simplify security investigations with immediate access to endpoint data
  • Rapidly access long-term historical data for context in resolving current investigations
  • Example: Explore system and end-user activity to retrieve digital evidence for cyber investigations

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