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As organizations increasingly face an unprecedented volume of IT-related incidents, Nexthink focuses on detecting and correcting issues at their source. The result? Less IT disruption for your employees, lower IT support costs and mitigated risk associated with enterprise-wide application breakdowns.

Proactivity Find and fix issues before impact

  • Identify early warnings and stop issues from spreading
  • Uncover devices exposed to known issues and remediate before they occur
  • Examples: replace hardware, analyze performance issues before user impact.

Self-healing Solve problems instantly

  • Automatically detect and fix issues on endpoints
  • Uphold the expected status of a healthy digital workplace
  • Examples: maintain proxy settings, repair business applications, map network drives

Self-help Identify issues and enable employees to remediate

  • Automatic device diagnosis with instant user notification
  • Resolve issues with 1-click user-assisted remediation
  • Examples: hard disk clean-up, disabling services, optimize display settings

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