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Ensuring Compliance

Safeguard employees’ endpoints. With confidence.

Protecting employees and your organization from cyber risks and heavy penalties levied for lack of compliance requires effective controls across every endpoint. With Nexthink, you gain a trusted and independent source for more complete compliance reporting and better risk management across every employee, every endpoint, every time.

Compliance monitoring and enforcement Continuously assess and fix endpoint compliance

  • Continuously monitor endpoint compliance
  • Automatically detect and fix violations, in real time
  • Examples:
    • Check for laptop hard-drive encryption
    • Assess whether anti-malware is running efficiently on endpoints
    • 1-click fix performed by L1/L2 support over a set of endpoints presenting a failing DLP agent
    • Automatic remediation to fix the SCCM agent regularly failing on endpoints

Software compliance Verify, update and minimize endpoint risk

  • Validate, in real time, critical patch applications
  • Minimize risk of shadow IT behaviors
  • Optimize and rationalize license investments
  • Examples:
    • Immediately assess impact of patch deployment and software upgrades
    • Identify users with public services outside of approved corporate policies
    • Detect non-compliant license usage in real time
    • Automatically trigger uninstalls of non-compliant software

Compliance standards Validate endpoint controls for specific standards

  • Rapidly obtain compliance levels with Nexthink scores
  • Be confident with accurate endpoint compliance management from an independent source
  • Examples:
    • Continuously collect endpoint controls for regulatory audits (e.g., PCI DSS)
    • Create independent scores for any security framework (e.g., ISO 27002)

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