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Endpoint Asset Inventory

Everything in its proper place for complete control and management

You’ve got assets and inventory—and you’ve got them scattered everywhere. And that’s the problem. Get an instant compilation of endpoint assets in one place, with an understanding of the relationships between them for simple and complete management. Curate, control and communicate IT’s most valuable assets from one integrated, secure spot.

Automated CMDB discovery Save time and effort with accurate endpoint asset inventory

  • Understand endpoint-related assets and their relationships in real time
  • Make the manual effort required to maintain accurate CI information a thing of the past

Software license cost optimization Save money through more efficient software license management

  • See what’s not being used — or used infrequently — at a glance
  • Automatically uninstall unused software or quickly propose solid alternatives to your employees

Smart hardware renewal refresh cycles Renew based on actual need vs. arbitrary renewal cycles

  • Make better decisions by factoring end-user behavior into the hard renewal cycle equation
  • Move from time-based to need-based device replacement cycles to make the most optimal use of your assets

Personas Definition Identify personas based on behaviors and service consumption

  • Identify and build clear segmentations of user populations
  • Optimize transformation projects and migration strategies with targeted personas

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