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Employee Security Awareness

Educate your employees. Protect your business

Often the greatest threat to information security derives from within: The uninformed employee. Training and awareness is critical to mitigate the risk, but oftentimes, organizations find it difficult to implement these essential front-line training and awareness programs and the business is left unprotected. To combat this, Nexthink offers a targeted approach ensuring that knowledge and security awareness are delivered to the right user at the right time for a more protected enterprise. Enhance your security awareness with a targeted user-centric approach.

Assess Baseline employee security awareness

  • Identify end-user behaviors that pose risks to the organization
  • Assess employee knowledge and awareness regarding general security
  • Examples: Assess whether employees are aware of risks of phishing attacks, ransomware and portable applications from USB sticks.

Educate Communicate and educate, with speed and precision.

  • Easily segment high-risk users and target for security awareness training
  • Launch targeted campaigns to educate employees and prevent risk
  • Examples: Inform employees about dangerous websites, educate about risks of installing unknown applications

Empower Make security everybody’s responsibility

  • Educate users to better understand their level of control and risk related to access levels
  • Facilitate instant interaction between IT and employees
  • Examples: Notify users about spear phishing attacks, prompt users to review administration privileges, proactively encourage users to change passwords

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