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Nexthink for the Service Desk

As part of the service desk team you need reduce tickets, drop MTTR, and most importantly ensure employees at your company have a positive experience with IT. To complicate things, you need to do this while supporting a steady stream of transformation projects.

The Problem

  • Support teams don’t have the visibility and control they need on employee endpoints to quickly and effectively remediate issues

  • Employees avoid submitting tickets and are are suffering in silence

  • Support teams are burdened by an overwhelming number of routine and predictable tickets

  • Employees are attempting to research and remediate their own issues in order to avoid support

What your employees are seeing...

With Nexthink

  • Get full visibility at the endpoint, investigate issues historically with ease, move through L1 / L2 checklists rapidly, and remediate issues with a single click

  • Identify employee issues proactively and enable them to remediate incidents on their own

  • Automated true self-healing using Nexthink to automatically detect and remediate known issues

  • Engage and support employees with virtual agents tied to information collected with Nexthink in conjunction with your primary knowledgebase

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