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Nexthink for IT Leadership

As an IT leader, you need an overall barometer for the health of your organization. As a key digital business transformation stakeholder, you’re responsible for leading critical and strategic transformation initiatives.

The Problem

  • You don’t have any insight into how satisfied employees are with IT or the solutions being provided to them

  • Your change initiatives are taking too long, and are causing too many IT issues

  • You are worried about security and compliance with the velocity the business is moving

  • Constant change initiatives are causing IT issues that bog down the service desk and increase IT costs dramatically

What your employees are seeing...

With Nexthink

  • Get immediate visibility and context of your employee’s experience across key areas

  • Use key reporting and operational detail to drive continuous service improvement and benchmark against your peers to gain insight into employee experience best practices

  • Protect employees and your organization from cyber risks and heavy penalties levied for lack of compliance with effective controls across every endpoint

  • Reduce IT disruption for your employees, lower IT support costs and mitigate risk associated with enterprise-wide application breakdowns

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