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Nexthink for IT Asset Management

You need to maintain an accurate and up to date inventory of hardware and software assets at your organization. On top of this, you need to manage change surrounding this inventory while optimizing the costs and usage associated with it.

The Problem

  • An inaccurate, incomplete, or manually intensive CMDB

  • Uncertainty regarding when to repurpose, enhance, or upgrade hardware

  • No visibility into software license usage

  • Lack of visibility into unapproved software usage

  • Extensive use of out-of-date applications with potential vulnerabilities

What your employees are seeing...

With Nexthink

  • Automate the discovery and entry of IT assets / relationships into your CMDB eliminating unnecessary manual effort and rework

  • Monitor and understand hardware requirements based on real employee performance data

  • Automate the reclamation or repurposing of unused or underused software licenses by engaging with employees

  • Automatically detect and track usage of shadow IT

  • Engage users to ensure they are running the most up-to-date applications

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