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Nexthink for Desktop / Client Management

You are responsible for securing, patching, maintaining, and evolving all end-user computing environments at your company and are held accountable for delivering a top-tier digital workplace experience for employees.

The Problem

  • Ensuring a standard operating environment for all employees is difficult or impossible

  • Installing, patching, and maintaining applications / operating systems on end-user devices is difficult or impossible

  • You have limited visibility into issues experienced on employee devices and are unable to provide adequate support around these issues

  • You have no insight into employee hardware and software consumption and cannot optimize for the various types of employees at your company

What your employees are seeing...

With Nexthink

  • Standard operation environments are monitored and remediated automatically with the help of Nexthink and SCCM

  • Automate the installation, patching, and maintenance of application and OS infrastructure while at the same time measuring these activities using end-user feedback to gauge the success of transformation efforts

  • Investigate issues experienced on employee devices in depth, remediate with one-click fixes for both that employee, and other possible experiencing the same issues

  • Create personas and scores to optimize employee hardware and software consumption and experience

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