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Windows 11 Migration Readiness

Benchmarks, Timing, and 5 Tips to Get Started

Are you prepared for Windows 11? The latest data-backed insights can give you the confidence to plan your migration.

Readiness Benchmarks

Windows 11 is coming whether we’re ready or not—and most organizations aren’t. We analyzed 3.12 million anonymous customer devices from 457 organizations and 8 distinct industries to discover what enterprises should expect for their own Windows 11 migrations.

Hardware Compatibility

  • Only about 65% of the device fleet has recommended CPU models that are compatible with Windows 11 and are less than three years old—meaning about 35% of devices have old CPU models that don’t support Windows 11.

OS Compatibility

  • 44.2% of devices do not have compatible OS versions
    • Devices with less than OS build 19041.1237.0.0 version are incompatible for Windows 11 migrations

Overall Device Readiness

  • Ready: 38.94%

  • Almost there: 25.87%

  • Not ready: 35.19%

Timing Your Windows Migration

Taking a conservative estimate, imagine you need to work on these individual project tasks:

  • Compatibility
  • TPM
  • CPU
  • Storage
  • Memory
  • DirectX graphics card
  • Secure boot
  • WDDM driver
  • OS build
  • Pending reboot

For 6,000 devices, without automation, this effort would take an estimated minimum of 13,500 hours.

  • Depending on various factors, that migration would conservatively take:
    • 6.4 years for one full-time, dedicated Windows specialist

    • 6+ months for ten full-time, dedicated Windows specialists

So when will most companies migrate to Windows 11?

Considering that 37% of devices are still on Windows 10 version 1909, which is not supported for a Windows 11 upgrade, the early majority of Windows 11 adoption will likely take place in Q1 or Q2 of 2024.

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5 Tips to Start Your Migration Plan

Kickstart your Windows 11 migration with these five tips:

  1. Assess if your configuration and patch management solutions are working as desired on all of your employees’ devices.

  2. Make use of Digital Employee Experience (DEX) tools like Nexthink to identify, alert and trigger OS updates on outdated devices.

  3. Assess your DEX baseline to know how different OS versions are performing and how satisfied employees are with those versions.

  4. Use a persona assessment to match the right device for the right computing persona when you consider refreshing your hardware fleet to support Windows 11.

  5. Use Nexthink Virtualization Assessment to identify and equip virtual machines to users running on older hardware to save your team refresh costs.

Starting your Windows 11 Migration? Nexthink makes it easier.

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