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How to Crush Tickets by 35% Using AIOps

How would you spend your time if you were able to reduce incident tickets in your organization by 35%? Imagine having the time to work on all the key IT projects that will help your company move ahead?

Join Olivier Nguyen (Product Manager at SITA) and Tim Flower (Customer Success Director at Nexthink) to learn:

  • New ways to reduce incidents by as much as 35% using an innovative approach
  • Proven processes using AIOps and best practice support for L1, L2 and L3
  • How a new breed of end-user experience technologies is bringing self-healing, real-time visibility of what’s happening with end-users and, patterns identification (finding the needle in the haystack) to a next level of automation

Don’t spend hours reinventing the wheel, we have experience with hundreds of customers and one of them is willing to give you keys to crushing tickets.


Olivier Nguyen

Olivier Nguyen

Product Manager, SITA

Oliver is a Product Manager at SITA, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the air transport industry that manages 45,000 devices at over 400 airports, serving 300 million passengers per year through SITA iBorders and covering 95% of all international destinations. With 15+ years of IT expertise working in a broad range of corporate environments, Olivier is focused on End-User Computing and Managed Workplace environment.

Tim Flower

Tim Flower

Customer Success Director, Nexthink

As Customer Success Director, Tim is passionate about helping organizations discover ways they can empower their IT departments, improve end-user experience, increase employee productivity and save costs, all by simply changing their perspectives. Prior to Nexthink, Tim was responsible for End-User Services technology strategy at The Hartford.


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  • SITA - "Blueprint" for Proactive IT

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