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The Rise of End-User Experience Management featuring Forrester

On-Demand Webinar

Forrester defines End-User Experience Management (EUEM) as the practice of quantifying, managing and ultimately improving employee technology experience. The recent explosion of flexible work has made this market a central strategic focus for any organization seeking to drive employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction at scale. How, though, should an organization with this aim start to plan their investment and investigation?

Listen in to hear Andrew Hewitt (Analyst, Infrastructure & Operations, Forrester) and Jon Cairns (VP, Technical Services, Nexthink) explore the potential benefits of EUEM for your organization and the strategic criteria that should guide your own investment based on Forrester’s New Wave evaluation.

This on demand webinar covers:
  • How EUEM can reduce those technology-related disruptions that damage employee productivity
  • How leading digital workplaces are quantifying employee technology experience and collecting qualitative feedback on tech experience
  • How you can build a business case for EUEM at your organization, and explore the best investment options