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The Pathway to IT Proactivity

On-Demand Webinar

Like all worthwhile endeavors, the shift to a proactive IT requires fundamental change, and the pathway may seem fraught with obstacles. However, with the right strategy and implementation, rapid innovation is achievable.

This on demand webinar takes a deep dive into the practical steps IT leaders can take to empower their IT teams and employees by creating a truly proactive Service Desk.

Watch this replay to learn:

  • How to conduct an accurate assessment of your current service management set-up that sets you in good stead for a proactive approach
  • What to include in your proactive IT checklist that can rebuild employee relationships with the service desk
  • The potential hurdles your company may face in implementing a practice ITSM strategy – and how instilling an agile mindset is the key to overcoming them
  • The importance of real-time analytics in support services and how to incorporate them seamlessly
  • Real-world business examples of reactive, predictive, and proactive support