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Powered by Experience: An Exclusive Interview with E.ON

Ivo Gudelj shares his transformational approach to ‘making IT work for everyone’ at E.ON. In an exclusive interview with Nexthink’s CRO, Jeff Mitchell, Ivo discusses how E.ON’s experience-driven approach sparked a culture shift that not only fosters a meaningful dialogue and trust with employees, but also positioned IT within the business as a critical driver of informed action and continuous innovation.

They discuss E.ON’s digital-first strategy that aims to ensure employees ‘love IT’; What data they leverage to understand user needs; How the technology team have ignited a culture shift built around trust; The steps taken to transform IT’s prominence and position within the business, and the powerful potential all IT professionals hold to be the ‘experience consultants’ within their business; E.ON’s commitment to a more sustainable future as a leader in green energy transition.