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Nexthink Infinity: Solving IT’s Nightmare Scenario 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Nexthink Infinity, the latest release of our new cloud platform. Infinity is the culmination of years of research, detailed customer feedback, and massive investments into cutting-edge technologies. This release is a major milestone that delivers exponential value and accelerates platform improvements through 2023 and beyond.

Watch the Demo and learn more about:

  • Improved data platform scalability to 1M endpoints in a single instance
  • Revamped user interface, completely unified and web-based
  • Live dashboards supporting dynamic filtering and drill downs
  • Unified search and investigations across the full environment with graphical and NQL editor
  • Improved alerting for both individuals and populations across the platform
  • AI-based diagnostics for improved root cause analysis
  • Improved remediations including single-click fixes and smart automations