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Do you have what it takes to compete in the Digital Workplace Games? Accept the Challenge

Nexthink & CMSWire: From EUC to CIO: Navigating the Newest Career Path in IT

Building careers and teams on digital employee experience (DEX)

On-Demand Webinar
Building careers and teams on digital employee experience (DEX)

Through the growth in remote work and digital employee experience, today’s end-user computing pros are brilliantly placed for future career advancement, and are an increasingly important part of any successful technology team.

In this webinar, Martha Heller, a specialist in CIO and senior technology roles, and Arik Hill, CIO at The New York Foundling, join Nexthink to discuss the latest hiring trends in IT leadership, the growing significance of DEX skills, and more.

Watch now to learn:

  • The latest data on EUC/DEX, including remuneration, promotion trends and company value
  • How to develop your digital employee experience skills and outlook whatever stage your career is on, and plan for future success
  • How CIOs can better demonstrate their value to the board through DEX resource investment
  • Exclusive insights from the Vanson Bourne DEX Career Capital report – and the chance to get an early copy