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From Service to Strategy: How Liberty Mutual’s People-Centric IT Drives Business Performance

Vice President & Senior Director of Technology, Gary Sherman joins Nexthink’s Vice President, Mary Beth Vassallo to share how Liberty Mutual’s data-driven technology strategy not only enabled the rapid digital transformation required to navigate the challenges of 2020, but how this permanently re-defined IT’s reputation within the enterprise, as a key driver of business outcomes.

They discuss:
• The steps taken to transform IT’s standing within the business from a service that ‘fixes problems’ to an innovative driver of direction and strategy.

• How IT and HR can convene around ‘moments that matter’ and create a company-wide ethos that continually delivers employee experience excellence, and fosters a meaningful dialogue and engagement between the business and its people.

• How to leverage and visualize the right data insights to empower ‘IT storytelling’ to an executive audience and ensure cost-effective solutions are delivered in alignment to business requirements.

• That digital transformation has ’no end game’ and the pivotal role IT plays in their increasing advancements in climate resiliency and supporting global energy transition