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Flexible Working – A New Era of Productivity

On-Demand Webinar

The COVID-19 crisis coupled with the remote working expectation of both Millennials and Generation Z has fueled an urgent need for enterprise IT teams to prepare for a future very different than the one from today. As the walls of the enterprise disappear, creating technology infrastructure which enables flexibility in the workforce has now become a MUST do for all organizations.

The vast majority of IT organisations understand the challenges in delivering and supporting a ‘Distinctively Hybrid’ or ‘all remote’ working model but are woefully unprepared to meet the experience expectation set by employees. Closing that expectation gap is the challenge. Losing the challenge creates a massive negative impact not only on employee attrition but the business bottom line.

Some pioneering companies invested in the right technology and support models and were able to adapt proactively, swiftly and keep business running smoothly. In this session, Tim Flower, Director of Business Transformation at Nexthink will cover the challenges these organizations were facing, the steps they took to solve them and the business outcomes that have set them on a positive course for the future.

He will cover:

  • How to prepare your IT ecosystem to meet the needs of an uncertain future
  • How to ensure productivity via employee engagement in a flexible/ hybrid working environment
  • Real-world examples with a demonstration to show how understanding the top issues in your environment as well as how people are felling can transform how IT operates.