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Experience at Scale: How to Build a Data-Driven Digital Workplace

On-Demand Webinar

The larger the organization, the more important it is to make data-driven decisions around user experience, technology provision and IT support — especially at a time of accelerated digital transformation and constant change.

Atos has established a remarkable formula for enabling organizations to better measure, deliver and improve the digital employee experience.

Listen to James McMahon, Head of Digital Workplace, as he shares the key strategies, learnings, and best practices that enabled Atos to reach the significant milestone of driving digital employee experience across one-million endpoints.

Stream on demand to explore:

  • How to lay the foundations for success that enable IT teams to right-size technology investment decisions.
  • The visibility required to enable data-driven decisions, actionable insights, and automation.
  • Key use cases and examples from Atos’ work with enterprises across the globe.