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Digital Experience Management as a Path to Improved Efficiency


Digital transformation improves efficiency across the entire healthcare ecosystem, enabling new delivery capabilities and facilitating new treatment research.

However, technologies can fall short of the goal of making employees’ lives easier. Even with the most popular clinical applications, a poor digital experience for clinicians can diminish the quality of patient care.

The traditional approach to supporting clinicians’ technology consumption is a combination of monitoring back-end systems and responding to reported issues. But this approach misses important cues, like the actual experience clinicians have consuming technology and how that affects their work.

In this webinar, we explore what digital experience management is, why it’s needed and how to implement it to great benefit.

You will learn:

  • What digital employee experience (DEX) is and why it’s critical for clinical setting success
  • How a negative DEX can negatively impact patient outcomes
  • How the right monitoring empowers IT teams to identify and prioritize changes