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Nexthink Ready for Managed Service Providers with the Release of V4.3

New V4.3 release includes multi-tenant support and centralized management for MSPs

February 19, 2013 – Lausanne –Nexthink® the unique provider of end-user centric, IT infrastructure real-time monitoring and analytics today announced the release of Nexthink V4.3. In addition to quality improvements, the new product release includes multi-tenant support and full-centralized management of roles and profiles.

Through self-learning Nexthink maps all the IT services delivered to end-user (physical and virtual) devices. Nexthink analyzes all the relevant end-user events including IT infrastructure changes, application use, performance, bandwidth, failures, security issues, etc. Nexthink applies artificial intelligence and real-time enterprise-wide IT analytics to detect abnormal behavior. Using Nexthink, customers are able to determine root cause for complex issues and discover security risks and threats in a way no one else can.

Offer managed services with a powerful and cost effective platform

Nexthink V4.3 is specifically designed for Managed Service Providers to offer innovative services to improve quality, security and cost optimization of their customers’ end-user computing infrastructure.

Nexthink V4.3 offers support for multi-tenant environments by introducing data isolation and allowing a “configure it once, apply it for everyone” approach. For partners delivering managed services, Nexthink provides a centralized and multi-tenant platform for cross customer visibility and multi-customer support. Nexthink V4.3 facilitates the creation and delivery of new managed services to multiple customers from the same platform.

“This new release offers all the centralization capabilities we need to deliver multi-tenant monitoring services to our customers with simplified management, all from one interface,” says Ralph Schmid, Head of IT Infrastructure Solutions, Design and Sales at Swisscom. Swisscom delivers Advanced Monitoring, a quality management services for the enterprise workplace based on Nexthink technology.

“The thematic set for this release demonstrates Nexthink’s commitment to providing cost effective capabilities to our Managed Service Provider partners that enable them to deliver innovative and efficient services to their enterprise customers in order to improve the overall end-user computing experience,” said Samuele Gantner, Product Manager at Nexthink.

Save time and improve security in large enterprise environments

Improved scalability and centralization features simplify Nexthink for large organizations with multiple real-time databases (i.e., Engines). In Nexthink V4.3 a new cross-engine search locator can locate a user and his/her device in one click. This new enterprise-wide single click search capability enables helpdesk teams to save time and be more efficient by finding and resolving issues more quickly when supporting a large community of users.

Nexthink V4.3 also provides centralized alerts, services and one-click investigations, making it easier to define appropriate content for different roles in large organizations. Administrators can avoid configuration mistakes and create user profiles that include alerts/one-clicks and Active Directory (AD) authentication. This facilitates account management, reduces configuration errors, and improves security through role-based content control and password requirements via AD.


About Nexthink:

Nexthink provides the most advanced, intelligent real-time: monitoring, investigation analytics, and root cause analysis for the entire IT Infrastructure from the end-user perspective. Our software helps IT connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major initiatives and improve their business end-user’s IT experience. Nexthink is complimentary to traditional application performance management (network and server), help desk, operations management, and security tools and eases ITIL change and release management processes.

Nexthink serves the Global 5000 utilizing a leveraged partner model. Nexthink is a private company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nexthink® is a registered trademark of Nexthink S.A. To learn more, visit

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Victoria Calmon
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